Addy vs. Video Editing Software

In the face of one of my most recent projects I have battled one of my most feared opponents. This opponent was one that I knew I had to face one day, but I wasn’t expecting that it would be so challenging and so stressful. My opponent, Video Editing Software, came right after my super pleasant workshop experience at the New Media Consortium Summer Conference in Anaheim, CA, and after a most deserved break from my uber busy schedule in TX. It all started with a very innocent request from my director at the Baylor University’s Academy of Teaching and Learning where I am a graduate fellow. Dr. Campbell, aka Gardner, asked the group of graduate fellows to record some micro teaching segments from some faculty members involved with the Summer Faculty Institute. Since I was not able to be there during the recording sessions I volunteered myself to retrieve the videos from the FLIP cameras (pictured here) and then add them to a private channel on I had the pleasure of toying around with one of those tiny HD cameras and they are very easy to handle. With about 5 buttons total, that is my kind of gadget. The output was set to .mp4, and that did not seem to be a problem having in mind that they would be uploaded into YouTube and I was counting with some YouTubical magic to convert them to the YouTube player format. However we were dealing with 30 videos (2 angles for each faculty member) of aprox. 15mins that required about 3 hours of us (myself and one of my fellow grad fellows) trying to transfer the clips to my external hard drive (FAIL) then her (the other graduate fellow) getting another external hard drive to get the clips out of her computer into my server so I could start uploading the videos into YouTube. Well, there was a LITTLE problem: YouTube’s TIME RESTRAINT for uploaded videos. YouTube videos are pretty easy to upload as long as they are smaller that 2GB (which ours were), but they are required to be shorter than 10mins (which ours weren’t). 1st thought that we had was to chop the clips in half! So I get to my amazing Mac at work and get started. First getting the clips into FinalCut, then adding my In and Out points, then inserting into the segment…that was ok…THEEEEN I had to render it (the red line was there…I felt that I HAD to, right?!) It took FOR-EEEEVER! not only that…when exporting with Compressor another HUUUUGE waiting time. I felt defeated. I thought that FinalCut was against me. I jumped to another computer and met my little friend iMovie :D…Well…that’t what I thought! It took me FOR-EEEEVER just to get the clip there…AWFUL! Video Editing Software 2 x 0 Addy. I had thoughts about quitting, but I AM NOT A QUITTER! So I decided to persist and find another solution. The following ideas were brought up: (1) DVD Burnage (I know….its not a word, but neither is YouTubical…so don’t take anything I write for what it is, but for what it intends to mean), (2), and…well…those were the options at that time. I then go to and the free version  only allows for crumbles of files to be uploaded per week (I mean…500 mb…really?! 500mb?! one picture is almost that big nowadays – I know…its not…but u know what I mean) and the 59.90 something per year allows for 5gb…but still…too expensive for what we were doing. So we decide to go with the DVD burnage + let’s give FinalCut a shot, but instead of rendering AND export using compressor we decided to cut the rendering altogether and export straight as a quicktime movie and BAM! half the time Video Editing Software 2 x 1 Addy. So now I just have to go through that process for about 20 more videos, upload them into YouTube (about 45 minutes for each upload) and I’m DONE! What a great after vacay week!

Update: the score now is actually Video Editing Software 3 x 0 Addy 🙁 The “exporting directly through quicktime player was not well received by YouTube, so I will have to go back to the original 3 hours per clip process to get that done. Any other suggestions are welcome…if anyone at all reads this blog post :/

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