Have you ever Googled “GOOGLE?

Isn’t that an interesting question? Today, the election day, i was at work wondering around the web when I decided to Google some information about typography. Interestingly, the logo at the google site was dressed up for the ocasion: google I wondered then how amazing would it be to work for a company like that. A while ago I saw a documentary about google and saw that inside their building they had toys, couches…it was basically a grown up perfect playground…I wanted to revisit that so I GOOGLED GOOGLE! hahha…The question just came in my mind: How many times do you ever google “google” and what do you find when you do that? It turns out that even though there were 320,000,000 options for google pages, none of them were interesting enough to mention here…Hey…gotta go…my bf is here….bye

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