Ok, I have been meaning to post this since thursday (when I hear about these news on Fox News, but I have been so EXTREMELY busy with school that I ONLY now could squeeze this time to talk about it. (P.S.: I’m sorry about the aggressiveness, but this issue really touched be and I AM really strongly minded about it)

It turns out that this science teacher – I forgot where – is getting punished and her school disctrict as well, because she taught that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Super-Man where fiction. Her 8 year old student’s parents firmly believe that the teacher crossed the chruch-state boundary by “DEMEANING” religious symbols.

Now, let’s reason together about this….WHERE!!!!! WHERE in the F(^*&% Bible is it said or REMOTELY mentioned that on the day Jesus was born SANTA F(&^(&^%^$ CLAUS showed up with a bunch of CRAP…WHERE????!??!?!

Easter Bunny, BRING IT ON!!! What passage??? HUM??? Tell me GOSH DANG IT!!! Are you F***ing serious people??? C’MON!!! Santa Claus and the Easter F***ing bunny where created by a capitalist society in order to increase business and fill of money of pockets of those that LEAST CARE ABOUT RELIGION or being a good person for that matter!!!

Im my opinion WE SHOULD tell our kids that Santa and Easter bunny dont exist BECAUSE THEY DON’T and I would be really happy if I could be proven wrong!! I know that on this post I am being a  little abusive of profanities, but I AM A GOOD GIRL and for the past years I HAVE been treated by Santa as a naughty, naughty girl because…CRAP…I haven’t gotten any of the things that I REALLY REALLY want…and I can’t affort them either…considering how BROKE a graduate student’s life is.

Easter bunny…geez….this one DEFINITELY does not give a S**** about me…I havent gotten ANYthing for easter for the past…HUM…EVER!!! I just CAN NOT believe how hypocritical some SO CALLED Christians are…they MUST realize that to be a better Christian it does NOT mean believe in Santa or Santa bringing awesome gifts on Dec 25th…The meaning and values of Christianity are so F)*(&&*Y%^&* up now by “Society” that the whole thing disgusts me…Don’t get me wrong tho…I BELIEVE that there is God, or at least a higher power, or being…overlooking us…with a purpose…and also I DO BELIEVE in Jesus’ teachings (not necessarily as him as my ONLY savior, but YES, as a messenger of God with an EXEMPLAR LIFE which we should follow as closely as we can…But by emphasizing and punishing people for teaching the TRUTH and opening the eyes of children to what is REAL…is so NOT Christian…and so shameful…geez…i gotta go throw up!



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  1. Lindsey says:

    I did not have the opportunity to watch this on the news, but I am glad I didn’t. Even just reading your blog about it gets me a little fired up (without the passionate language though). I am disgusted that an educator is being punished because of teaching her students the truth. And no, the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, and Superman are NOT mentioned ANYWHERE in the Bible! Ugh! Also, I would like to add that not everyone who professes to be a Christian is. Sadly, I think Christianity has suffered a lot due to situations similar to this. I would like to remind of you of the old saying “Actions speak louder than words.” I am a big believer in the “watch and see” philosophy. I like to see if people’s lives line up with what they profess. In this instance, Christians lives should be lining up with the Word of God.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim says:

    it really is hard to believe that parents would be so offended by this teacher that they would go to such great lengths, using the over-used but still so controversial church-state boundary, to sustain their child’s right to believe in the existence of such characters. i would imagine that the child no longer realistically thinks that a rabbit brings him/her gifts in order to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. i would also imagine that this child is enduring some manner of hostility due to the rash behavior of his parents. did the parents even stop to think about the negative effects on their child? when does common sense come into play? and is this manner of vindication useful (because it should go without saying that it is certainly not Christian)?

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