Obama is the AntiChrist!

Hahah…I know! The title of my post IS super dramatic, but the other day I was talking to my “college-life-partner” Ryan and we came to the conclusion that Obama IS the Antichrist. People are yet to find his birth certificate!!! and he WILL be the President of the United States (not that I agree with that choice, but I am realistic…HE IS  a better speaker and he eloquently say a lot of bullcrap that a lot of people ARE buying… Now, it also easy to see the signs of Apocalipse coming…and he is definitely the future unifier of the world, peacemaker, “end of the world ambassador” per say. Obama is in my opinion the “False Messiah” (how many people completely GO NUTS for that dude), we do have “Rumors of Wars”, we will see a lot of  “Famines” with this worldwide crisis, “Pestilence” HELLO!!! AIDS, super-viruses…., “Earthquake” (hum…ok..this one is not anybody’s fault LOL), but then “Sorrow”!!!! I am already feeling the signs of sorrow for all the changes that he is going to make, and that are going to affect THE WHOLE WORLD… I know…I AM BRAZILIAN, and I am proud of it too!! But this change of government in America is going to affect the whole world and I DO speculate that it WILL affect our fate as CREATURES OF THE WORLD and the fate of our souls…MAN…I think I need a drink after writting and thinking of this lol!!!

Fun sites about Obama being the Antichrist:

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3 Responses to “Obama is the AntiChrist!”
  1. lindseylegrand says:

    I will have to take some time and visit these sites. I agree that it is completely possible that Obama could be the anit-Christ. You are correct about the signs of the end times. And there are many more. Another aspect I have been thinking about is that history always repeats itself. ALWAYS. At this point, America won’t fall to an outside power. We will first have to implode, or fall from within. If you look at Israel and how many times they were a great nation and then they were taken into capitivity you might see some resemblences. America has grown fat and happy in the blessings of God, and I think we are being taken into captivity. Now, the good news is that if we repent and turn back to Him, He will stop judgment (it’s also in the Bible). But, if America does not repent those who are His still have promises to stand on. I won’t take the time to write some of them out, but they are there! Ultimately, my trust is in Him. Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. =)

  2. lindseylegrand says:

    I will email you this powerpoint a good friend of mine gave me about Obama. I think you will enjoy watching it. The video is in Spanish. I can understand most of it, but some of the words I am unfamiliar with. Enjoy!

  3. MoniQue says:

    Obama is the AntiChrist, AntiMessiah, he’s Anti-Israel; the “instead of Christ,” the “instead of Messiah”


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