Tables vs CSS

Today I had a really interesting conversation with my former WebDesign teacher (Virginia Green). Whenever I took her class, one of the things that was emphasized the most was that we should use tables to organize our content. It turns out that, after reading a lot on the subject, she found out that the main way to dictate the appearence of your website should be done by CSS (cascading style sheets). The use of a main table is not even necessary. Instead, you can use regular div tags and then style it using the sytlesheet.

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  1. annezandstra says:

    Wow, this still sounds like jibberish to me, even after working on websites with Dreamweaver. I have seen the terms CSS, stylesheets and div tag but don’t know what they mean, so I am staying away from them. Maybe it will be part of the next step in my mastery of webdesign. I look forward to seeing your webpage tomorrow in class!

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