Behavior FIXED!!!

Yeah, for those that are coming to my blog to check the little video clip out: YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT! hahah. For those that are interested on checking out Addy Elementary’s WebSite you can CLICK HERE to go there (01/27/10 Update: Site has been removed and the address is being used for other purposes).

By the way, the problem I had on my “Resources” page (with the websites opening up out of control) was already fixed! The problem was indeed related to the Behaviors I attatched to the link…MEANING…when you clicked on the place for the link (for instance Baylor University) you go to the the TAG panel of Dreamweaver, then click BEHAVIORS, click the + sign, click the behavior that you want to attach (in my case – open in browser window) and BAM!!! it will do it! Theeeeen you have to specify WHEN to open in a new browser window…so you have to edit the little drop menu to say onClick….YAY!!!! There you go!!! You create a link that will open in a different browser window (and avoiding all the back and forth clicks on your navigation bar)

Go ahead and explore the website!!! One more thing, if you guys need some help with anything technological, websity, or designy, LET ME KNOW…lol…I saw Gabi when I was leaving Draper and made an indecent proposal offering help with anything technological in trade of lesson plan/objectives/teaching guidance for some of my other tasks in other classes…so…HEY…let’s help each other better professionals!


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  1. lindseylegrand says:

    I was totally blown away by your webpage! So I am thinking we might have to do some helping each other out! You can educate me on technology (like how to create an AWESOME webpage like yours) and I could possibly help you with something! Haha! Yup, I would love to have some training about technology. Also, I heard you used to play volleyball for Jeremiah! I am working in the LEAF program with him and I was talking about your webpage this morning and how stupid I felt because mine was something a 1st grade child could do! =)
    Have a great day!

  2. adelinemeira says:

    Hey girl, I love the idea of helping each other out 🙂 and I LOVE Jeremiah…hahah…Next time you should call him Dr. Tiffany (He’ll know I told you to call him that hahaha – his last name is actually Tiffin) Sic’em

  3. lindseylegrand says:

    How do you add links to our blogs?

  4. lindseylegrand says:

    haha! that’s awesome! will do with the dr. tiffany! he taught my volleyball class when I had to have a pe credit here. I LOVE volleyball, alas I am not so good! haha but I thoroughly enjoy playing

  5. adelinemeira says:

    you mean the links that you click on the word and it opens or on the side of my blog?

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