Behavior FIXED!!!

Yeah, for those that are coming to my blog to check the little video clip out: YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT! hahah. For those that are interested on checking out Addy Elementary’s WebSite you can CLICK HERE to go there (01/27/10 Update: Site has been removed and the address is being used for other […]

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Speeches on Education

As a foreigner, it is really weird that I have been talking or even thinking this much about United States’ politics. However, since I have been living here and since this election has been so controversial, I just can’t help myself. As a little treat to the few people that would be interested in checking […]

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Tables vs CSS

Today I had a really interesting conversation with my former WebDesign teacher (Virginia Green). Whenever I took her class, one of the things that was emphasized the most was that we should use tables to organize our content. It turns out that, after reading a lot on the subject, she found out that the main […]

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My new website

Last class I learned that I can publish a dreamweaver website using bearspace. I already have my own domain (, and right now I am working editing my flash website to showcase my portfolio. However, knowing that I can use bearspace and have an open space to publish a dreamwaver based website made me really […]

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Am I a Republican?!

This is so weird…I am not even American, but after watching both Democratic and Republican Conventions on TV I can say that If I could vote…I WOULD VOTE REPUBLICAN…lol…How adorable was Palin, and her family…And HOW STRATEGIC was that choice for the Republican party…man…I can’t wait to see what is going to happen… It is […]

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Oh Technology

My love affair with technology started when I was about 12 years old. My parents got divorced so my mom decided to buy the first computer in our household. The internet definitely opened doors to a completely different world that I enjoyed surfing in. Computer classes at that time would teach the students how to use MS-DOS, […]

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